Fishing from shore

Fishing from the shore

We offer guided night fishing from the shore. We tend to use heavy spinning outfits and live baits, although lure fishing can be productive. We target Tarpon, Cobra snapper, Cobia and Jack Crevale.

Your guide will provide you with the appropriate rods and equipment, then catch you bait and advise on where to position yourself. Once you are on the fish, they will aid in the landing, unhooking and photographing your capture.

This type of fishing is very productive and you can expect multiple species. The resident Tarpon come out at night and groups often hook between 4 and 10 in a session.

It is particularlyexciting because you never know what you might be hooked up to next. Reef fish along with rays, and sometimes sharks come much closer to shore during the hours of darkness, so you have the chance of hooking a real monster.

Fishing from the shore - Tarpon